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Ongoing Experience


Nature and wilderness. We pin ourselves somewhere on their spectrums relative to how sterilized and commodified we feel in comparison. Timidness in the first muddy steps through tall grasses as we search for belonging. Co-created meaning with each other, yes, but also with something beyond the constraints of HUMAN. Trembling hands and thumping hearts under the gaze of living things that expect nothing of us, hold us to no fabricated standards, express kinship with us unconditionally, assess us with caution, or ignore us entirely.

The Timid Wild is a project that explores:


The Denison Biological Reserve, known to students and locals simply as "the Bioreserve", is a 350-acre expanse of forest, ponds, old plantations, and other natural features located in Granville, Ohio.

This project has documented the Bioreserve through photography, audio recordings, and poetry since 2019.

The archive of works is still being uploaded to this website.

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