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Tales From Niveen

Tales from Niveen is a fantasy installment series exploring a group of heroes, some eager, some begrudging, and many fumbling, as they navigate the simple task of saving the world. 



This work was originally birthed from compulsive daydreaming as a form of escapism from childhood trauma and a desire to see BIPOC and LGBT+ identities represented with care in fantasy storytelling.


The work of developing Tales From Niveen is still ongoing, as the world grows ever denser with each passing chapter. As a result, Patreon is the current home of all Tales From Niveen materials.

Simply put, Patreon subscriptions keep my lights on. In an effort at accessibility and ease of supporting my work, I have offered several sliding scale tiers that provide all the same exclusive material. Patrons can subscribe at any tier and receive the same content, regardless of what they are able or willing to afford.

FREE TFN CONTENT: The first fifteen chapters are free to read for the general public, with occasional new content (including character art, short stories, maps, and additional lore) made free after Patrons have received sufficient early access. A free 7-day trial is also available.

Additionally, I occasionally accept new readers to review TFN content at periodic stages in production. If you are interested in active, critical reading in exchange for free, early access, please feel free to email

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