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Tales From Niveen

Tales from Niveen is a fantasy installment series following a group of heroes, some eager, some begrudging, and many fumbling, as they navigate the simple task of saving the world. 



This work was conceptualized from compulsive daydreaming/maladaptive habits as a result of childhood trauma. As a child, I created entire worlds as a form of escapism and began writing them down. These worlds and the stories contained within them continued to grow and expand until they took on a life outside of the daydreams. In the process of developing the world of Niveen, I also realized a desire to see BIPOC and LGBT+ identities represented with care in fantasy storytelling.


The work of creating Tales From Niveen is still ongoing, as the world grows ever denser with each passing chapter. As a result, Substack is the current home of all Tales From Niveen materials, including maps, short stories, character art, and other world-building extras.


The first five chapters of Tales From Niveen will become free and available to the public in December 2023. Additionally, you can sign up for my email list for occasional exclusive promo codes or free trials to my paid content in an effort at accessibility.

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Eris concept
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