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TAKE THIS WITH YOU, published Summer 2022, is Lashonda Love's debut poetry collection. Currently available in paperback and digitally as a Kindle exclusive. Audiobook version upcoming.

"TAKE THIS WITH YOU offers a cutting and concise journey through love, loss, pain, and sorrow. At the heart of each poem lies the discovery of, and longing for, a sense of self after trauma."


Print (limited copies)

Instructions On How To Get Your Heart Broken
Pages 2012-2013
The Depth In Diving

The Wonder of Women

Right Beneath the Glass Ceiling

*Right Beneath the Glass Ceiling and The Wonder of Women, were publications created by a network of artists and writers across the globe. The work of compiling and preparing each anthology was spearheaded by creators on the collaborator space at That space and the archives of both publications have since been deleted from Daisie's servers, effectively destroying the ability of creators to locate each other and the final works. I am working diligently to acquire print or digital copies of both anthologies.


Additional Publications

  • “Intellectual Music: An analysis of video game music and the exclusivity of music academia” at Denison University Scholar Program, 2017

  • "A Leaving of Things" for PowerSchool, Westchester Education Services, 2021

  • "Sister and the Diving Bell" for PowerSchool, Westchester Education Services, 2021

  • "Mi Tiempo es Ahora" for Illuminate, Westchester Education Services, 2021

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