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archive: Creature//Creative Newsletter #5

from 4/25/22 newsletter


Something about the 80 degree weather in Ohio makes it feel like the entire world has changed. I saw a post on twitter a while back that likened surprisingly nice weather to taking molly (MDMA/ecstasy) and that finally resonated with me today as I woke to warm air and the smell of spring blooms wafting through my window. It felt like some final weight was shifted off and made way for pure bliss. I see it in the faces of people gathering together, walking down the street, and taking selfies with the notoriously elusive sunlight. It feels like the first time in a long time that people can be together comfortably.

COVID has been an oppressive force in our lives for over two years and this is the first spring/summer that the majority of people are at least partially vaccinated. There is something to be said about our larger communities beginning to feel like people can see their loved ones again in big, meaningful ways. It feels like a collective joy is spreading through those I meet and see around and that is a very welcome feeling after years of isolation.

I spent a lovely weekend with friends and family in the sunshine and in space with other, similarly sunny strangers and feel refreshed beyond belief. My hope is that this week brings you good weather, good company, and a mighty dose of serotonin if it has been missing from your life.



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