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archive: Creature//Creative Newsletter #4

from 4/18/22 newsletter


I’ll be transparent - today’s newsletter is quite possibly the last thing I wanted to work on right now, but after hearing so many of my friends and loved ones also had a rough go of it last week, I decided to show up anyway. It hasn’t been the worst week by a long shot, but work has felt heavy and I’ve received SO much less-than-stellar news about long-anticipated projects being canceled or not working out how I wanted. There’s no eloquent way to say it, but this week has been shit and I’ve been in my feelings about it for days. I also don’t feel inclined to say “well next week will be better” because sometimes things just suck and they are allowed to suck.

When shit hits the fan, you don’t have to immediately jump back into things. You don’t always have to make lemonade out of lemons (it’s not even lemonade season) and you don’t have to “use” a shit experience to create something you deem worthy of your time and energy. You need to rest. To hold space for yourself. To grieve, be angry, have a meltdown, eat some ice cream in your PJs, call a friend to complain for an hour, and then binge-watch random stuff all weekend and fall asleep on the couch.

Maybe after that, you can get up on Monday morning, brush the dust off, and get back to being a badass or whatever. For now, though, offer yourself grace for anything that isn’t aligning or working out how you thought it would. A project, a friendship, a deadline, a good night’s sleep…

Everything eventually changes. That can be daunting, but I choose to see it as a comforting reminder that even the hard things will, at some point, be your past instead of your present.

(And if nobody asked you this week: how are you really doing? Shoot me an email and let’s chat.)



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