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archive: Creature//Creative Newsletter #15

from 8.8.22 newsletter


Every week that I write this newsletter, it’s a struggle between the parts of me that love writing and sharing my thoughts and the parts of me that want to create space for rest and creativity. I began this work with the idea that I would have something poignant (and short) to say each Monday, but some weeks it just feels self-indulgent to search for something meaningful to share when my first instinct is to leave space for silence. I think this is, in part, due to the constant overstimulation of the news, social media, work projects, and simple conversations I have with folks everyday. I personally get tired of constantly hearing other people’s opinions (though conversations and connection are so very important) and sometimes hesitate to contribute to what I feel is a constant buzzing cacophony of thinkpieces, overanalysis, and attempts to ‘influence’ others.

So what can I offer today that both encourages you to hold space while letting me show up for this newsletter?

Last week, I leaned on a friend of mine for emotional support and she expressed admiration for how meaningful and peaceful my morning routine must be - I wake up, spend a half hour doing morning pages, do a yoga, meditation, and mantra practice, and hop into the London Writer’s Salon - Writer’s Hour to kickstart my creative work for the day. I try not to touch my phone until after I’ve begun work in an attempt to maintain control over the trajectory of my day. She explained that she thought it was good for me to lean on those practices as a way of grounding myself and feeling more comfortable in the day’s noise, and that really resonated with me.

When I wake up and immediately start doom scrolling or checking emails and texts, it feels like I start the day in fight or flight and everything after that is playing 52 Pick-Up on the intentions I wanted to set for the day. But when I am actively engaged in my personal practices, I feel deeply connected to my desires and goals and anchored in the present moment. It is this feeling that creates the space for creativity, pleasure, and rest as self-care practices.

The strangest thing is that, when I have that sense of connection and self-support, it feels like a disservice to add one more thing to your inbox. One more opinion to color your day before it has even started. I know your technology boundaries, morning routines, and state of satisfaction are not my responsibility, but I want to stress the importance of finding space in the day-to-day and having moments that are quiet and purely to yourself.

I love sharing my thoughts with you all every week and I know you signed up to see my name in your inbox every Monday, so I hope I can at least inspire you to be more frugal with your precious time and energy outside of these emails.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts and reactions, so feel free to respond to this email!



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